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  Peru : Tours : Titicaca Lake and Puno

Titicaca Lake and Puno

Tours to Titicaca Lake and Puno

Lima - Cusco - Puno (for passenger going to Bolivia) - Lima Lima - Cusco - Puno (for passenger going to Bolivia) - Lima
Those who are travelling to Bolivia may find this small detour interesting: Machu Picchu and Cusco. A tour you won't want to miss.
Program from 7 days /6 nights US$ 593

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Titicaca Lake and Puno


To the south of Lima, on the edge of Peru and Bolivia is Puno.  Located in the Peruvian high plane or the Collao plateau, Puno is situated on the waters of one of the highest navigable lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca.

Its picturesque streets and residents complement visits to the Cathedral of Puno, the Carlos Dreyer Museum, the Corregidor House, and the Huajsapata or Waqsapata viewpoint where a spectacular view of the city and of Titicaca Lake can be enjoyed.

Puno is surrounded by small villages which border Titicaca, some of which are Chimu, Chicuito, and Pomata on the southern coast.  The city of Sillustani merits special interest, an archaeological site which has stone tombs called chullpas which protect the remains of the Colla's nobility.

The lake Titicaca has various islands among the highlights include the floating islands of the Uros, made from cattails by the inhabitants of this tribe; the Taquile island whose inhabitants loyally maintain their customs and traditions; the Amantaní island which has Incan ruins; and the islas del Sol and de la Luna (Sun and Moon Islands), part of the Bolivian territory, originally famous for being the legendary birthplace of Manco Capac, the first Inca.

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