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  Peru : Tours : Southern Coast, Nazca and Paracas

Southern Coast, Nazca and Paracas

Tours to Southern Coast, Nazca and Paracas

Lima - Nazca - Cusco - Lima Lima - Nazca - Cusco - Lima
Over flight the Nazca Lines, traces of a mysterious culture. Accompanied by citi tours with the secret depths of Lima.
Program from 7 days /6 nights US$ 593

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Southern Coast, Nazca and Paracas

Lineas y Geoglifos de Nasca

The southern coast of Peru is comprised of the cities Paracas, Ica, and Nasca, and is an area rich in nature and archaeology with places of great interest such as the Paracas National Reserve and the mysterious Lines of Nasca.

Gigantic drawings in the desert representing animals such as a monkey, condor, lizard, colibri (humming bird), and a dog as well as geometric figures are part of the world famous lines of Nasca. Covering an area of 350 km2 the lines of Nasca are only visible from the air and are the principal attraction of the area.

To the north of Nasca is Ica, a colonial city highlighted by churches such as La Merced and the Señor de Luren Sanctuary, the Regional Ica Museum, and by the production of wine and pisco which, in the area, is possible to witness by visiting distilleries and vineyards such as Vista Alegre, Tacama, and Ocucaje, to mention a few.  Nearby Ica are Lake Huacachina, an ancient canal used for irrigation, the Achirana del Inca, and a stone forest, Los Frailes.

Paracas is home to the only marine reserve of Peru, the Paracas National Reserve, populated by numerous birds such as flamingos, fish, and marine mammals.  A little to the north is Isla Ballestas where there are sea lions, guano birds, and Peruvian penguins.  To the south there is the geoglyph known as Candelabro or Tridente, and the rocky formation called La Catedral (the Cathedral).

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