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Visas and consulates


Citizens of most countries of Western Europe, Asia, North or South America, and Australia, New Zealand or South Africa do not need to have a visa to enter Peru, only a valid passport. A visa is required for visitors from India and Fiji. To obtain a tourist visa, you must present a valid passport, two color photos, an application form, a ticket for the return flight from Peru, a proof of economic solvency, and the required fee.

In order to enter the country, you must have a passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months. If your passport expires while you are in the country you can renew it, free of charge, in your country's embassy in Peru. If your passport is filled with travel stamps but is still valid, you may request more pages added to your passport in your country's embassy.

All tourists that visit Peru are given a tourist card that you must fill in with your information. Each card has a duplicate and Immigration keeps a copy of it in their office.

The requirements for acquiring a Peruvian visa, for tourism or business, are the following:

  • F-07 Form (free).
  • Receipt of payment for processing fee. S/. 24.00. (soles)
  • Copy of passport of beneficiary.

In the event that there are bilateral or multilateral agreements written by Peru with other States or international entities, payment of fees, processing, or other facilities can be subject to change or modification.

For other countries, we recommend you ask for visa in a Peruvian embassy or consulate.

Visa Extensions


The tourist card that you will receive when entering Peru allows you to stay up to 90 days. This may be renewed three times for 30 days each time. The first renewal is free but the following renewals cost about US $ 30. If you want to prolong your stay for more than one month you must leave the country and re-enter in order to complete the process again from the beginning. The renewal process takes less than an hour.

The requirements to prolong your stay are:

  • Printed F-004 form (free).
  • Receipt of payment for processing Fee S/. 24.00
  • Proof of payment from the Banco de la Nación (National Bank) for change of Migratory Status USD$200.00 or $300.00 according to the specific case. (Payment upon Approval of Action)
  • Annual Immigration fee US $ 20.00
  • Valid passport and embarkation/disembarkation card or valid identification card from Immigration.
  • International Exchange File
  • Change of Temporary Visa Status $ 50.00 (Payment upon Approval of Action)


Business Visas

If you are planning to work in Peru, you must obtain a business visa. You will need a valid passport, two color photos, a ticket for the return flight from Peru, and a letter from his/her employer or from the Chamber of Commerce, establishing the nature of business, duration of the stay, and a guarantee that he will not have to pay any Peruvian tax. This visa has a set cost. The visitor must register in the General Direction of Contributions for tax matters.

Employees of foreign companies that come to Peru on business must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A copy of the contract for services rendered between the foreign company and the natural or legal Peruvian entity receiving the services. It must be a legally notarized copy or authorized by a public official of the DIGEMIN (General Direction of Migration and Naturalization).
  • Document of designation of the worker issued by the foreign company, duly legalized in the Peruvian consulate and endorsed by External Relations with instructions of time of services rendered within the country.

Note: If written in a foreign language, documents must be translated to Spanish by a licensed translator.

Student Visas

To obtain a student visa for a year, you must show proof of economic solvency, be enrolled in a Peruvian educational institution, have a recommendation letter written by yourself and another letter issued by the Peruvian consul, a letter of moral and economic guarantee from a Peruvian citizen, and four pictures (front and profile). You must also provide a medical examination certificate. If you are in Peru, and you need this type of visa, you must leave the country and request it in immigration at one of the borders.

Peruvian consulates in foreign countries

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