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Basic services


The electrical current used in Peru is 220 volts, 60 cycles, except in Arequipa, where they use 50 cycles. You will need a transformer to use devices designed for 110 volts. Most international 5-star hotels use 110 volt plugs. Flat-pronged, North American, and European plugs need adapters.

Measurement System

Peru uses the metric system, thus distances are measured in meters, weight in grams, temperature in Celsius degrees and volume in liters. However, you might notice that the only exception is that gasoline is sold by the gallon.

Tips and Bargaining

Tipping is not very common in small restaurants or food stands; however, you may leave up to 15% if you feel it is appropriate. Often times in more elegant restaurants, the bill will include a 10% tip, so it is customary to tip the waiter an extra 5% to complete 15%.
It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers, unless you consider it so. Bargaining is very common and it is recommendable to agree on the fare with the taxi driver before starting the trip. Bargaining is also typical in markets and craft stands, and asking for discounts or a price reduction may be another alternative.

Radio and Television

There are seven open TV channels in Peru: among them, TNP (Peru National Television), Red Global, América TV. Most hotels feature cable TV. In regards to the radio, there is a much wider variety of programs and content than television. An interesting fact is that there are as many stations that broadcast in Quechua as in Spanish.

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