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Unfortunately Peru is a dangerous country, where thefts are common and it is always necessary to take precautions. Try not to wear valuable objects (jewels, expensive watches, fancy eyeglasses, etc.) that could tempt thieves. Try to carry only the necessary amount of money and leave most of your documents and money at the hotel. Keep your photographic camera in a discreet place, where it does not draw attention, and hold on to it firmly. Wherever you go, be attentive, look around and behind you often, and if something looks suspicious, leave quickly. Avoid crowds or places with many people around. If you carry a bag or backpack, always be alert, because it is common for somebody to try to open or tear it with a sharp object.
It is a good idea to travel with somebody so you can watch out for each other.



Luckily, the guerrilla in Peru nowadays is not what it used to be years ago, when attacks occurred on a daily basis, and fear was common among Peruvians. The leaders of the two guerrilla groups existing in Peru, ‘Sendero Luminoso’ and MRTA have been imprisoned, so the risks of visiting the country have decreased considerably. Although parts of these groups still exist, attacks are very sporadic and tourists are hardly threatened.



Women traveling alone

In general, women traveling alone in Peru have found it to be a safe and nice country to visit. Nevertheless, you must take into account that "machismo" is still a deep rooted feeling in the country, which is expressed in the attitudes of many men towards women. It is not rare to hear flattering compliments or whistles when walking near men. The best reaction is to just ignore it.
In addition, women traveling alone should try to always go accompanied to lonely places or remote areas, especially at night, because there have been several cases of rape or assault on female tourists.
It is possible to make Peruvian friends; however, it is not recommendable to go somewhere alone with them without knowing them well first.
At night, try to avoid taking ‘pirate’ taxis; take only regular ones.

Emergency numbers

Medical Alert
225 4040

Red Cross

265 8783
Police Emergency
Tourist Protection
225 7888
Tourist Police
476 9896
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