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Postal Service

In recent times, the Peruvian postal service has improved a great deal.   However, it can be more expensive than sending mail from a more developed country. Sending a letter from Peru to the U.S.A. may take from one to two weeks, depending on the city from which you mail it. The fastest service is from Lima.

In most cities, post offices are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. during weekdays, and half a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Sending packages from Peru is expensive, thus, not highly recommended.



Peru's international code is 51.   There are public phones in Lima and the provinces from which you can make national and international calls, directly or through an operator.   Public phones accept coins or cards (obtainable from kiosks and stores).

To make an international phone call from Peru, you have to dial 00, then the country code, the city code and finally the phone number.

To make a national long distance call, you have to dial 109 and ask to make the call through the operator.   Many places offer National Direct Dialing, so you only have to dial the city code and the phone number.

In regards to cellular phones, coverage includes Lima and other cities.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Alerta Médica (Medical Alert)

225 40 40

Cruz Roja (Red Cross) 265 87 83
Cruz Verde (Green Cross) 372 60 25
Fire Station 116
Emergency Center 105
Restaurants and Accommodation Services

224 77 77

Urban Transportation   276 2003
Nutritional Services 442 83 53


Fax service is available in many places, including hotels, and in most Telefónica Peru offices.

E-mail and Internet Access

Peru has many public internet cabins. Most cities, no matter how small, will have one or more. Hotels and computer stores can offer help and information on places that offer this service.

Don’t be surprised if the places offering internet are plain; only some of them are becoming cyber cafés and sell alcoholic drinks or offer background music. Most of them are open until late, never all night long. You can send e-mails and access your own account if you belong to a service such as Yahoo or Hotmail.


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