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  Peru   Park Guide :Tambopata-Candamo


Tambopata National Reserve

Reserva Nac. Pacaya-Samiria

The first conservation initiative made for the ecosystem of Tambopata was by means of the RM 01-77-AG/DGFF on January 03,1977. It established the Tambopata Reserve Zone across a surface area of 5,500 hectares in a traditional Ese’eja territory. While conserving the Amazon forest, the area is used for scientific investigation of the flora and fauna as well as for tourist development. In July 1977, the company Peruvian Safaris was given the responsibility to take care of and protect the Tambopata Reserve Area for a period of 5 years through an agreement with the Dirección General de Forestal y Fauna (DGFF) and the Zona Agraria IX – Cuzco.

In 1983, the Pampas del Heath National Sanctuary was established, covering a surface area of 105,957 hectares, with the objective of protecting the only natural sample of a tropical, humid savanna in Perú (approximately 8,000 hectares) 

In 1990, the area was declared La Zona Reservada Tambopata Candamo (ZRTC), thanks to the state's efforts at maintaining and conserving the biodiversity of the area. The ZRTC was created by means of Ministerial Resolution #0032-90-AG/DGFF on January 26, 1990 as a governmental initiative to protect this area which is home to an undisturbed population of wild flora and fauna species and attractive landscapes. It is considered top priority for conservation, due to it's location, diversity and a great expansion of land with almost unaltered character. In addition to the way the territory is arranged according to the capacity of land actually used and the land of potential use.


The Tambopata National Reserve was declared by means of the Supreme Law # 048-2000-AG, resulting from the proposition put forth by the area's committee planner.  This proposition was elaborated in the background of the "Conservation of the Tropical Ecosystems Project and the sustainable use of the natural resources inside the Candamo Tambopata Reserve Area". Also, a damp area of the Tambopata National Reserve was determined as the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, formed by 271,582 hectares exclusive of the Candamo Tambopata Reserve. 

The Tambopata National Reserve has a surface area of 274,690 hectares and is located in the Madre de Dios area and the Tambopata province.

The objective is to protect the wild flora and fauna, the beautiful landscapes inside the reserve area, and sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

This mountainous countryside with desert terrain containing cactus is an excellent habitat for the guanaco, the vizcacha, the skunk, and the Andean fox. 

Between Madre de Dios and Puno.
How to Get There 
From Puerto Maldonado heading south by navigation on the Tambopata River. 
When to Go
May to October
Flora and Fauna, national parks, indigenous communities
Navigation, excursion, photography, flora and fauna observation
Typical of the jungle
Lodging, transportation, boats, food
Adult: daily PEN 5,00 (in USD), for three days PEN 10,00 (in USD)
Child: daily PEN 1,5 (in USD), for three days PEN 4,00 (in USD)

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