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Recommendations for the Visitor


To make a trip pleasant it is required that you respect some fairly simple norms, which consist of protecting the integrity of the natural surroundings. 

 To visit some of the natural protected areas it is required that you have an authorization granted by the national office or the regional branch of the National Institute of Natural Resources.

 You must always carry your ID card, passport or other credential that permits your identification.

Always look for the support of a forest ranger or local guide.  The guide service does not have an elevated cost and permits you to enjoy their knowledge and the proverbial hospitality of the local people.

Camp only in the sights that are qualified for it, according to the indications that are found in each area.

In general, the tourist infrastructure is scarce or nonexistent in natural protected areas, for this reason it is necessary to contract an experienced company in the region or find out if it is possible to camp in the zone.

On the coast we recommend that you take water and sunscreen lotion.

In the sierra it is recommend that you take sun block and abundant protective outer garment(jacket).  Altitude sickness usually takes place above 2500 meters above sea level. Take precautions: rest the first day, ingest an abundant amount of liquids and avoid heavy meals.

In the forest never travel without insect repellent, waterproof jacket and sun block lotion. The use of long sleeve shirts and long plants is recommended to avoid insect bites. The vaccine against yellow fever is obligatory.  The availability of vaccines against malaria, tetanus and hepatitis A and B exists, as well as ambulatory treatment for Leishmaniasis and paludism.

As a form of enjoying your visit more, try not to smoke in these areas but if you do smoke remember to extinguish your cigarette butts and matches well.

Where ever you find yourself make sure that you take concern and care of the native flora and fauna.

Remember that garbage contaminates, collaborate to solve this problem:

  • Use paper bags.  Plastic is not biodegradable.
  • Prefer foods that are not packaged in plastic bags.  On the contrary, use plastic, glass or metal bottles which the waste baskets are equipped for.
  • Biodegradable waste (food scraps, paper, etc.) should be buried  more than 50 cm. below the surface.
  • Always prefer those products that don't endanger the environment/deplete the ozone layer, like spray bottles that are ozone friendly, sprayers, glycerin soap, biodegradable detergents, etc.
  • Remember that by throwing away a battery, it contaminates at least one squared meter. Throw them in waste cans that are adept.

Before any problem arises, consult or seek the aid of a forest ranger, since with his or her experience they can solve situations that the visitor may not be knowledgeable about.

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