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  Peru : Park Guide : Manglares de Tumbes

Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary

Manglares de Tumbes

This sanctuary was created March 2, 1988, due to it's importance as the only swamp forest in Perú. It extends for 2,972 hectares and is situated in the Zarumilla province, of the Tumbes region. 

The swamp forests prosper in the hot zones close to Ecuador, where the salt water of  the ocean and the sweet water of the rivers meet. They are considered one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. Not only does it provide firewood, but it has also been a natural barrier against the erosion that produces the waves and tides.  In addition, it produces an enormous quantity of sediments and organic material which is taken from the land to the ocean.

On the other hand, the swamps are home to a diversity of wild fauna and a place of reproduction of many species of  Crustaceae, birds, fish and mammals.

The community of the swamps of Tumbes are classified by four species: the red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), the black mangrove (Avicennia germinans), the white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), and the button mangrove (Conocarpus erectus).

Among the aquatic fauna, exist 33 snail (shell) species, 34 Crustaceae, 24 Mollusca with shells and 105 fish which are the resources that the fisherman use to feed the local population. These marshes also are a refuge for the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), a specie which is on it's way to extinction. 

This zone harbors numerous species of birds, for example, the heron and the magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens), among others. Among the mammals, the swamp bear and the crab eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus) can be found. 

The access to the sanctuary is restricted and is found under the care of the  Marina de Guerra of  Perú.

Region of Tumbes. 24 kilometers northeast of the city of Tumbes.
How to Get There
To the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary, arrive by the Panamericana highway which travels longitudinally along the coast of the country and that passes through the city of Tumbes, located 1,246 km north of the capital of the republic. From the city of Tumbes until the height of the city of Zarumilla (20km) from where you begin on the road for carriages. Here you drive until the place known as El Algarrobo (9 km), where the control post of the INRENA is located. 
When to Go
Between April and November
Other Close Attractions
Puerto Pizarro, Aguas Verdes
Photography, wild life observation, trekking.
Tropical and sunny most of the year,  an average annual temperature of 25° C. Sporadic rainfall between December and March.
Numerous boats giving guided trips.
Adult: dailyPEN 5,00 (in USD), for three days PEN 10,00 (inUSD)
Child: daily PEN 1,5 (in USD), for three days PEN 4,00 (in USD)

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