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Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary

Reserva Nac. Salinas y Aguada Blanca

The historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu was established January 8, 1981, by means of the Supreme Law #001-81-AA.In 1983, it was declared a Cultural Patrimony and a Humanity of Nature by the UNESCO. This sanctuary is located in the Cusco region, the province of  Urubamba,  the district of Machupicchu. It extends over a surface area of  32,592 hectares.

The region in which you find Machupicchu, has characteristics of both the sierra and the Amazon. It is one the most important architectural jewels of the world and the #1 tourist attraction in South America. There is no other work like it on the continent, and very few in the world, this place brings human work into harmony with the natural landscape. In addition to the Machupicchu fortress, there exist 34 archeological groups linked to the Inca trail. 

The flora in this Sanctuary is exuberant, sitting above all of the humid zones between 2,000 and 4,000 meters above sea level. In the high regions you can find different species of Poaceous. In the low regions you can observe large ancient trees like: the Evergreen Alder (Alnus jorullensis), the Brasilian Coral Tree (Erythrina falcata), the Walnut Tree (Junglans neotropica), the Conifer (Podocarpus glomeratus), the quishuar (Buddleja incana), the queñual (Polylepis racemosa), the cedar (Cedrela sp.) and many more which cover the gorges and the forest edge. Also,  there are palm trees the height of the Geromoina and the tree ferns (Cyathea sp.). Orchids are abundant (30 genus and more than 190 species), and are found alternately blooming throughout the year in the open areas of the thick forest. Among the most beautiful depicted exist: the Masdevallia barlaeana and the Maxillaria floribunda. The Bromeliaceous are represented by the Puya weberbaueri and the Tillandsia rubra, among many others.

The fauna present with very special characteristics in accordance with the diverse zones they live in; among the birds exist the condor (Vultur gryphus) and diverse species of hummingbirds; among the mammals are  the Dwarf Brocket (Mazama chunyi), the Cougar (Puma concolor),  the Ocelot or Wild Cat (Leopardus pardalis) and some monkey species of the genus: Cebus, Saimiri, Aotus and Lagothrix, the last is in danger of extinction. Among the Ophidia, there exists the boa (Bothrops andianus) and the vipers of the Bothrops genus. There are also other species of threatened wild fauna that live in the sanctuary like, the Andean Cock of the Rock (Rupicola peruviana), the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), the Otter (Lontra longicaudis) and the Pampas Cat (Oncifelis colocolo). The primary objective of the Historical Sanctuary of Machupicchu is to protect the valuable archeological findings, the Andean culture and the spectacular landscape, which make up a natural habitat of important flora and fauna that exist in a vulnerable situation or in danger of extinction.  

120 km northeast of Cuscol 
How to Get There
From Cusco by train from the San Pedro station (every day) In helicopter (Heli Cusco) to the town of Aquas Calientes
When to Go
May and June 
Other Close Attractions
Flora and  fauna, picturesque routes, national parks, archeological findings, urban towns
Hiking, photography, flora and fauna observation, cultural and historical tours
Lodging, trips, transportation
Rainy throughout summer (December to March). Sunny between May and September, although it is not rare to have showers of rain. The temperature reaches 27° C, and rarely reaches below 11° C.
Adult: daily PEN 5,00 (in USD), for three days PEN 10,00 (in USD)
Child: dailyPEN 1,5 (in USD), for three days PEN 4,00 (in USD)
Machu Picchu

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