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 Flora and Fauna


  Peru : Flora and Fauna Guide

Guia de Flora y Fauna


There is live amongst each natural landscape that exists in Peru. The life is composed of the rich flora and fauna which inhabit Peru in it's entirety. 

The Amazon, one of the largest lungs in the world, reflects a marvelous biodiversity; just among the Peruvian Amazon there are 30,000 known plant species and thousands still unknown. And the fauna that live among the plants are even more exquisite. 

1,700 birds, 400 mammal species and more than 500 reptiles make up the biodiversity of Peru, one of the most richest in the world, in this distinct climate which makes up the geography of the country.

In the Peruvian sierra we can find a completely different space, but no less beautiful and rich in variety with it's Vicuñas, Guanacos, Llamas and Alpacas, which sketch a map for us of the marvelous Andean biodiversity. They easily compliment the flora that adapts to the harsh hot and cold climate which make the area strange and interesting at the same time.

More than 3,000 animals live together among the different climates which exist in Peru, surviving the ever increasing changes of a process without rest.

The knowledge of each specie, is one of the ways of preserving them. We invite you to explore the principle actors in one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the world. 

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