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Chanchamayo Valley


It is located in the Central Jungle and includes, besides the city La Merced, the urban center of San Ramon. Its main attractions are the Perezoso Botanical Garden, and fruit farms (fundos frutícolas)

This verdant province of the Central Jungle is found 800 m (2624 ft) above sea level and 173 km (108 mi) from Huancayo. Its tourist appeal consists of a beautiful landscape and warm climate, as well as a variety of fruit products. The districts include San Ramon, considered "the Golden Gate of the Central Jungle", Pichanaki, San Luis of Shuaro, and Vitoc, which holds the "San Vicente Mine".

One of the distinguished architectural beauties is the hanging bridge "Kimiri", that crosses the Chanchamayo river. It was constructed in 1905 by the first pioneers. The zone's ecological potential is also reflected in a visit to the Botanical Garden called "El Perezoso" (The Lazy One), where specialized guides will offer actual classes on native botanicals.

It is usual for tours to arrive to Chanchamayo Valley from Tarma, where you are greeted by a precious landsape of fields of flowers. At the beginning of this point a drastic change in the panorama takes place with the descent toward the High Jungle. 74 km away you will find the Chanchamayo Valley, hot, green countryside famous for the production of fruit and coffee, its impressive waterfalls, and its orchid fields. You have to be careful with the altitude, since being a valley, the drop in altitude is rather sudden down towards the bordering towns. The climate is humid and cloudy, with average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). It is advised that you wear light clothing during the day but thick clothing at night.

It is important that you get to see the impressive Velo de la Novia waterfalls, the beaches of the Chanchamayo River, the ruins of Lacanmarca in the Tarma province; and the picturesque town of Cochas in the province of Concepción is renamed for its chiseled "mate" (South American tea) gourds made by huanca artesans of all ages. (The gourds are engraved with a firelit engraving tool and represent scenes from the town, country, festivals, and work).

Without a doubt, the most well-known dish in this place is "La Papa a la huancaína" or "potatoes a la huancaina". Other dishes include, Peruvian barbecue called "pachamanca", "el caldo de cabeza" (broth of the head), "patasca" (pork and corn stew), "yaku chupi", "cuy (guinea pig) colorado" "huallpa chupe", "chicharrón colorado" (red roast pork) and "sancochado oroyino".

Peru Central Jungle.
When to go
Between May and October
Culture and folklore.
How to get there
Any mobile transportation from Tarma.
Hiking, observation.
In the region.




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