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One of the most beautiful examples of the Incan culture in the Cusco region are the ruins of Quenko, an interesting cultural manifestation consisting of archaeological ruins located approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from the capital of the area, Cusco. It is easily accessible for a tourist and to get to the ruins you should utilize the paved road that connects Cusco with the Sagrado Valley of the Incans.

The ruins you can observe are found in a well-preserved state since the humidity level in the area where they are located remains constant and they remain intact due to the limestone rock that serves as a protective tunnel. It is important to be careful and keep in mind the effects of mountain sickness because the ruins are located 3,580 meters (11,814ft) above sea level.

The tourist interest of the archaeological ruins lies in the originality of the construction style, with enormous shaped rocks that form an interesting architectural labrynth.

Be sure to see areas such as: Intihuatana, "canaleta sigzageante", amphitheatre, hall of sacrifices, benches, aqueducts, among others. All the areas allow you to understand with great precision the type of life that Prehispanic society lived. The building is of Incan architecture and dates back to 1500 A.D. Its name in Castillian means "maze", and is a feature that one can appreciate in the "Intiwatana" sector, sector of the zigzagging canal, the amphitheatre, the throne, and the hall of sacrifices, that are located in the subterranean chambers.

6 kilometers (3.7mi) north of Cusco
When to go
It is recommended to go during the drier months of August to December
Archaeology and culture
How to get there
By bus
Walking/Hiking, observing
Not available. Contact tourist services in Cusco.

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