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The city of Puno, the main lake port of Peru, is located 3, 827 meters (12,629ft) above sea level on the western shore of the mythical Lake Titicaca. It's the cultura

l center of the plateau that forms other geographic regions from the coast, namely the sierra and the forest.   

The principal tourist attraction of Puno is Lake Titicaca, located on the Collao plateau. It is the highest navegable lake in the world at 193 kilometers (120miles) long and 64 kilometers (40 miles) wide, with a maximum depth of 300 meters (990ft). Its waters offer a large number of species of fish. It has a very large and harsh surrounding landscape with the magnificent snow-covered valleys of the Royal Mountain range, creating a mysterious atmosphere. It is said that the Uros, whose village is home to the grand fortress that was located on the artificial islands, are descendants of the most ancient race in the world.

Some distinguished monuments worth exploring are the Cathedral, the Balcony of the Earl of Lemos,  the Dutch Arch, the Municipal Gallery, the Dryer Museum and the Popular Art Museum. Only 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Puno, the capital of the area, you can find the Chullpas de Sillustani, which were ancient tombs for the hatuncollas chiefs (very large men), and ruins of other cultures that inhabited the area.

The calendar of festivities in the region of Puno varies and can be surprising, but tourists can take part in these unforgettable experiences with the local population. The greatest of these events of Andean folklore is the party for the Virgin Saint of Candelaria.
Beginning in the first week of February, every year the city dresses up in cheerful, festive clothing with a myriad of colors, in honor of the Virgin Saint for 15 days. In addition, there are various restaurants in the area that will let you try the typical dish of this region, frog broth.

Peruvian plateau region
When to go
Between the months of December and March
Culture, archaeology and religion
How to get there
By train, bus, or plane from Juliaca
Walking/Hiking, observing
Available in the city of Puno
Puno's port


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