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Pucallpa: Yarinacocha Lagoon

Yarinacocha Lagoon

Pucallpa, or "the red land", according to the shipibo language because of the sun's reflections on the humid land, is the capital of the Ucayali department and one of the most progressive cities of the Peruvian Amazon. It is dedicated to the lumber industry and agriculture. The first inhabitants of the region were the Panos, who settled the entire length of the Ucayali River and its tributaries.

The Yarinacocha Lagoon is located only 7 km (4.3 mi) from Pucallpa, 15 minutes by car. It is famous for its transparent waters and its impressive tropical vegetation. It is considered an ideal place for recreation, rest and relaxation. It possesses two tourist accommodations-El Pandisho and La Cabaña- located at the edge of the waters and suitable for participating in water sports like waterskiing, swimming, rowing, and sport fishing.

On the outskirts of the lagoon one can observe the manmade jungle with its own vegetation, but also with rivers and lagoons that duplicate their verdure along the shores. This ecological beauty is also surrounded by various ethnic groups, descendents of the legendary Pano, and the native communities of San Francisco, Nuevo Destinoa and Santa Clara, the people are hospitable and from their scenic homes, they offer all kinds of crafts characterized by geometric figures.

Another attraction of the region is the Chullachaqui Botanical Garden, a picturesque area where it is possible to observe a large quantity of natural plants that are used for traditional and alternative medicinal purposes.

The average annual temperature is about 25°Celsius (77° Fahrenheit), with a rainy season that goes from November to March.
The clarity of the water and the tropical vegetation that encircles the Lagoon impresses visitors from all over, who should also visit the Native Community of San Francisco, populated by the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic people. It is a 45-minute trip from the Yarinacocha Port by peke peke (motorized canoe), the area's native vessel. This traditional community has classic jungle homes made of cane and palm leaves. The Shipibo people welcome visitors in their typical clothing, decorated with single pieces of fabric painted with linear and geometric designs. There you are able to buy local crafts like earrings, chokers and necklaces, clay bowls, arrows and fabrics, stuffed animal corpses, and other unique souvenirs.

One can also visit the Imiria and Chauya Lakes, a 2-day boat ride from Pucallpa, ideal for adventure tourism. Moreover, the scenic Chullachaqui Botanical Garden, offers a large variety of natural plants for medicinal or folkloric purposes. Walking at night, around the Cashibococha Lagoon, you can see alligators in the Lacre Canal. There is also the Shipibo community of Nuevo Destino, which preserves the "trueque" (barter), as its method for acquiring crafts, and the Atalaya province, where the Tambo and Urubamba Rivers flow together to form the Ucayali. Lastly, one can visit the towns of Aguaytía (with its beautiful hanging bridge, 850 meters/2788 ft long), Manantay (where the lumber industry is located), and Masisea (suitable for participating in safaris and adventure tourism).


Central jungle-eastern Perú.
When to go
Between April and October.
Ethnic and ecological.
How to get there
By bus and car.
Hikes, sports.
In the territory.




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