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Islas Flotantes de los Uros (Floating Islands of the Uros)

Floating Islands of the Uros

This is one of the best places you can visit in the surroundings of Puno. Contrary to what you might think, the Floating Islands of the Uros (indigenous people) are not of the Uros, but they inherited their name from this community that no longer inhabits the islands. The Aymaras that have settled there today construct their floors and rafts with bulrush (reedy plant). They are dedicated to fishing and especially welcoming tourists.

Meanwhile, Isla Taquile, is ironically situated in the Aymara area but is inhabited by people that speak Quechua. It is essentially a communal island. The people here govern themselves and knit and sell beautiful garments that steer tourist activity. In this sense, the island is privileged for tourism, given the opportunity for visitors to cultivate a relationship with this hospitable community. The garments of Taquile are impressive for their amazing colors and quality.  

This charming island is situated on the Titicaca lake.  Titicaca has more options for tourism than  Isla Taquile. The island is located 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Puno.  Its inhabitants are decked out in their traditional flamboyant outfits -on sale locally- speaking Quechua and maintaining a strong sense of loyalty within the group.  The Incan terraces and ruins are scattered throughout the landscape. The island is void of hotels, electricity, roads, vehicles, and dogs. The local inhabitants offer accommodations and the modest restaurants serve what they have; fresh trout and boiled potatoes. The boats set sail daily from the Puno Pier and reach the island four hours later.

The region is admired for possessing old indigenous roots with ancestral customs, prehispanic and precolonial monuments.

High plateau area of Peru, Lake Titicaca
When to go
Between the months of December and March
Indígenous people and culture
How to get there
By boat from the Port of Puno
Hiking, sightseeing, and sailing
Available in the city of Puno
Island's shores

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