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Lying on the left bank of the Huallaga River, Huanuco is a typical poor Andean city, decorated with beautiful mountains. 2.5 miles outside of the city you will find the remnants of temples, considered some of the oldest in South America. The most important is the Temple of the Manos Cruzadas, discovered in the 1960´s during a Japanese mission and is considered a milestone in the ascension of the culture towards a more Andean civilization.

Like any city that dates back to colonial times, it possesses a Plaza de Armas (constructed in 1845, and decorated with ficus and jacaranda trees and a 4 meter (13 ft) tall granite fountain); a Cathedral; museum of natural sciences; and the churches of San Francisco, Cristo Rey, San Sebastian, La Merced, and San Cristobal. The botanical garden covers 2 hectares (5 acres) with more than two thousand species of tropical flora, forest, ornamental wild native plants, species of fauna, monkeys, parrots, and a variety of common birds from the area.
Nearby it is possible to visit Tingo Maria, capital of the Leoncio Prado Province, on the coast of the Huallaga river. It is encircled by the mountainous "Bella Durmiente" range, which derives its name from its form resembling that of a woman lying on her back. Another interesting site is "La Cueva de las lechuzas" (The Cave of the Owls), in the province of Leoncio Prado, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from Tingo Maria, a gigantic limestone rock cave that harbors an important colony of birds similar to owls.
You can also visit the archaeological remains of Kotosh, the grassy plains of Huanuco, and several petroglyphs in Marabamba, Cuerno Torcido, Diablomachay, Hatun Jasha, Mishimachay, Lluyagmachay, Lauricocha and Buena Vista.

East central zone of Peru, between the western mountain range and the watershed of the Pachitea river.
Year round. Preferably from April to October.
Archaeology and culture.
How to get there
By bus, car or train.
Trekking, sightseeing.
Qualified urban setting with services.

Huanuco City

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