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Lima Gastronomy and Casinos
Destination: Lima Area
Activity: City Tour
Price: From U.S $397 

In Peru each one of the 25 regions throughout the country has dishes with their own characteristics and ingredients. Here originated blends between the European and the Andean, and even between the Aftrican and the Chinese, creating a culinary mixture that today makes up a fundamental part of Peruvian culture. Guided visits of the main tourist spots in Lima such as: the Cathedral of Lima, the Convent of San Francisco, and the Plaza de Armas of Lima (the center square), as well as the modern sectores of Miraflores and San Isidro. A tour of development and tradition in this beautiful city. A strong point, nevertheless, is the delicious combination of flavours you can find at the different traditional Peruvian restaurants. High quality gastronomy with the added ingenuity and warmth of the citizens of Lima. As a final ingredient in this delicious city tour of the capital of Peru, you can choose to go to a casino, a sign of the progress Peru has experienced in recent years. In summary, a trip for those who love good food and bohemia; who enjoy the traditional Peruvian culture.


Lima Area


Duration:  4 days /3 nights
Availability: Available all year round
Valid Until: 31-Dec-2007 
Itinerary: See details 

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