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Flavours and Dances of Lima
Destination: Lima Area
Activity: City Tour
Price: From U.S $201 

You will see the culture of Lima in it's abundance throughout your tour of the Peruvian capital, Lima; it's hidden and picturesque tourist spots. On this guided tour you will discover the majesty of the viceroyal mansions, the richness of the Peruvian handcrafts at the Museum of Larco Herrera with it's collection of “Gold and Silver from Ancient Peru” and the famous Room of Erotic Art. You will enjoy a relaxing buffet dinner at the “Junius”, a restaurant with local food accompanied by a colorful dance show, music and celebrations from the Peruvian coast. You will never be closer to the characteristics of this South American community, warm and friendly by nature. The beauty of the Peruvian capital, it's rich architecture, handcrafts, and antique culture that descends from the birthplace of Imperial Incas, all in one trip that will forever linger in your memory.


Lima Area


Duration:  4 days /3 nights
Availability: Available all year round
Valid Until: 31-Dec-2007 
Itinerary: See details 

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